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  1. Ella Lourdes
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    Your gorgeous post almost made me cry. Many of us are lonely, without family and have given up, except for God. The world we live in is lacking in community. Things are not as they were when I was growing up many years ago. Even in church, you reach out and people look away. I am in RCIA. A fellow was attending with me. He is very new to Catholicism. He told our RCIA facilitator about a dream he had about Mother Mary. It was very meaningful to him. She brushed him off and basically ignored him. It’s not like she was busy. We were just sitting there waiting for mass. I guess she just didn’t want to be bothered. He never returned, and I think about him to this day. Even the church has much to learn. I mean this gal was FACILITATING an RCIA class!

    Thanks for putting it all into words. A lot of us have turned into superb actors and just cover up the truth.


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