All too often those with mental and emotional difficulties feel estranged from the Church.  Lack of knowledge and understanding contribute to this, so does the belief that mental and emotional problems are not compatible with spiritual growth and holiness.  HealthyCatholics exists in order to counter these beliefs and promote psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Here the belief is that everyone has problems and the key to growth comes from addressing them in an integrated way.  Psychological, social, biological, and spiritual problems always exist together in a person and God exists there too.  Therefore posts include advice from Saints and holy people, links to the latest studies in the mental health field, personal stories, and reflections on scripture.  Humor is also part of this blog.  Without it we cannot survive our problems.  Though primarily a Catholic Christian blog all are welcome here.   Please feel free to comment on the posts.  You may do so anonymously.

Professional psychological, medical, and spiritual advice are not provided here.  If you need these things seek out professional help locally.  In the section called Resources you will find links that may serve as a starting place for seeking help.  You can also call your parish or diocese for referrals.   Also, your insurance company can provide psychological or medical referrals.

General information about depression and anxiety also exist on this blog.  These are compiled from several public online and printed sources.  The information is not to be used for diagnosis.  Only a qualified professional can diagnose a mental illness or other condition.

Finally, join us on Facebook!!  The two pages are called Catholics and Depression and Healthy Catholics.  There, in addition to what is here, humor and tidbits from other Facebook sites are posted.  There is even a section to add your own links and discoveries.  Simply “like” the pages.

I hope this blog inspires you and creates a sense of inclusiveness.  Welcome.