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    Blessings to all readers!

    The title of this article is what caught my attention, as it should have. Thanking God for depression? Would that mean putting asside hopes for recovery? There are so many dimensions to depression this illness. While reading this article, I was especially struck by the term “double depression” because of an article I just read finished reading. The article was about PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). A point was made that I had never heard about and would not have considered on my own. Persons who suffer with depression for extended periods of time or who experience suicidal feelings at some point in their lives, will oftentimes develop symptoms of PTSD. It makes perfect sense. With this knowledge, there is another avenue of helpful resources one might explore for help. For those of us dealing with (or have experienced) depression, it may be beneficial to look through info about PTSD. The very experience of living with ongoing depression is, rightfully so, traumatic and can carry the similar marks of a PTSD diagnosis, opening up another window in seeking healing. Trust in the Lord, always, and let Him lead the way!


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