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  1. SN
    SN at |

    What a timely and helpful post! It certainly covered multiple issues I deal with every time I confess. As a convert, I have no problem with confessing to a priest but I do struggle with anxiety about going to confession. Once I’m there w/him I’m usually good. If I’m not, I tell him so and have always received gracious help to make a good confession despite my bipolar tendencies that can get in the way. Thank the Lord for giving us this sacrament and thank you for reminding us how beautiful it is even with our idiosyncrasies and sometimes debilitating symptoms. Have a blessed Advent, Kathleen, and thanks for blogging; it has certainly been a Godsend to me!

    1. Charlie
      Charlie at |

      Thank you…I am not the only one. Have a blessed Christmas!

  2. Phil
    Phil at |

    I have trouble knowing who would be a good confessor and/or counselor. What if you spill your guts to one with a lax or too strict conscience? Could I do that all over again with another?

  3. Bridget
    Bridget at |

    What about us agoraphobics who can’t leave our homes? My soul still needs salvation, just like anyone else.


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